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You can use this website to find out about the village of Glanton and about what is happening here.

The site is provided by the Parish Council but is available to be used by any group or business in Glanton who would like to publicise their activities.

Find out what the Parish Council has done and is planning to do

Use the Community tab above to access information about other community events and activities in and around Glanton

Alnwick & District Choral Society
With Seasonal Music
For Choir & Audience
Peter Brown (Conductor), Alan Gidney (Organist)
Sunday 17 December at 3pm
St Paul’s Church, Prudhoe St., Alnwick
Admission £12.50 at Door. Students Free.

For news of the Glanton Show see under the Community Tab

For a new website recording details of the
weather experienced in Glanton including
rainfall, temperatures, wind direction and
speed go to www.glantononline.net

This Powburn weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

New fence at A697

Improvements to the junction with the A697

The Parish Council with the co-operation of the land owner and the farmer have dug up a hedge at the junction of the Oak Avenue with the A697 on the northern side and replaced the hedge with a fence.  This follows a similar operation on the southern side which was done by the owners after various accidents had destroyed the hedge at that point.  The result has been a great improvement in visibility for cars joining the main road from Glanton on what is quite a dangerous junction owing to the fact that cars on the A697 are often overtaking on the straight section of road and hence travelling very fast on the opposite carriageway.  There was a near fatal accident at this point earlier this year, and the PC hopes that this work will make the junction safer for residents and visitors.


Many local residents are now benefitting from the OilCAN community oil buying scheme – if you’ve been hesitating, now would be a good time to jump in & join us, as September is likely to see the lowest price oil this year (subject to international turmoil of course).   Although there’s a small membership cost (£20 for individuals) it is highly likely that your savings on your first order will more than cover this – I saved £50 on my first order, and a Glanton resident was shocked to learn last winter that in the same week as one of the OilCAN deliveries, he had paid the same oil supplier £70 more for his delivery.  Plus the environmental benefits of fewer tanker deliveries, all you have to be is a little bit
organised, and the scheme makes that as easy as possible for you.  For more information ring me on 01665 578222, or OilCAN on 01670 500812, or see www.ca-north.org.uk/oil
Sandra Nattrass

oil delivery
The West Percy Hounds at Glanton Show


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