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Parish Plan

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The following paragraphs are from the introduction to the Glanton Parish Plan


In March 2003, the Countryside Agency encouraged and made available funding to Parish Councils to produce Parish Plans that reflected the needs and wishes of parish residents relating to change. The government initiative was designed to assist local and regional authorities charged with creating and implementing cross-cutting policy change, in the way communities evolved.

Glanton has responded to this with “Glanton Vision A Parish Plan”, an informed document that details the aspirations of a parish and a proposed course of action leading to a framework for potential social, environmental and economic development.

As a working document it will sit with the Parish Council where actions will be taken forward when opportunities arise over the five-year period. In addition it can be used to demonstrate a united opinion if unacceptable change is forced upon the Parish."

Click to view the full Glanton Parish Plan (3.21mb)

The Parish Council have now published a progress report on the Plan dated August 2010. Click the link below to view the report.

'How we are getting on with implementing the Glanton Parish Plan'

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Click here to download the latest free version.

Cover picture “Glanton Sunrise” by Gail Johnson

Glanton Parish Plan
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